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Why Lanzarote Should Make Your Photography Bucket List

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Photographing Lanzarote author Jon Barker writing for the Manfrotto Imagine More blog explains why Lanzarote is worthy of a place on the travel bucket list of any travel or landscape photography enthusiast.  Read the full article here.

Lanzarote is the fourth largest Canary Island. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a significant chunk of my time on Lanzarote over the last 30 years, and in doing so I’ve learnt to see and recognise it’s worth as a stunning photography destination worthy of a place on your own must-explore list. Often on the receiving end of a bad reputation (from the British press at least), I’m convinced that Lanzarote is under-sold, and I wanted to prove that if you look a little deeper, the island has a lot to offer Travel and Landscape photographers like us. From wild coastal scenes, to quaint fishing villages with their white single story houses carefully arranged around a harbour side, to the surreal lunar-like landscape of the Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote hosts a broad range of inspiration for your photographic muse.

Photographing Lanzarote - From the Heavens

A far-flung, exotic and expensive location? Actually, no…sometimes amazing scenes are more accessible than you might think.


Continue reading:  Why Lanzarote Should Make Your Photography Bucket List on the Manfrotto Imagine More Blog.

For more inspiration, why not check out a short introduction video to the Photographing Lanzarote eBook, or take a look at the Photographing Lanzarote Instagram feed for some of the locations we cover.






Photographing Lanzarote is Available Now for iPad, iPhone and Mac

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I’m really pleased to let you know the first version of the Photographing Lanzarote ebook available now on the iBooks Store. Photographing Lanzarote is a beautifully designed location guide for travellers and photographers, covering the most amazing photography locations on Lanzarote.

Not considered Lanzarote as a photography destination before?  Take a look at the Photographing Lanzarote Instagram feed for some inspiration, or read why Lanzarote is a great destination for photography on the Manfrotto Imagine More blog.

Designed for iBooks on your iPad, iPhone or Mac, it works without requiring an internet connection, yet contains stunning video and image content to bring locations to life. Perfect to help plan your trip before you leave, and to use as a reference guide whilst travelling.  The book doesn’t require a data connection, so you can use it whilst roaming the island without worrying about data connectivity.

How can you get it?  If you have an iPad, iPhone or Mac, then you can download the full book or a free sample from the iBooks Store.  We’re working on bringing Photographing Lanzarote to other platforms soon – register your interest here if you’d like to see it on another platform or device:

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Like an app on your phone, Photographing Lanzarote is being constantly updated, and we release new updates to the iBooks Store every few months.  Your purchased book will update automatically when these updates become available.