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What is iBooks?

iBooks is a built in app for iPad, iPhone and Mac computers which allows you to view eBooks on your device. Find out more about iBooks and how to use it.

I have a suggestion for a new location / correction / improvement

We’d love to hear your feedback, whether it’s for new locations you’ve discovered, mistakes you spot in the content, or suggestions on how we can improve. You can always Contact Us via the website, or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Will There Be Updates to the Photographing Lanzarote book? Do I have to pay again?

Updates to the Photographing Lanzarote ebook will be available free via the iBooks Store. There is no fixed schedule for updates, but we’re always working on new content.

I have an iPad and an iPhone – Can I Use Photographing Lanzarote on Both?

Yes! You can use Photographing Lanzarote on all of your devices compatible with iBooks without any additional cost. Just make sure you use the same Apple ID when you sign-in to iBooks on each device.

Which Device Works Best For Viewing Photographing Lanzarote?

Photographing Lanzarote was designed to work best on an iPad, but it will also work well on an iPhone or Mac. The rich video and image content works best on a larger screen. Bear in mind that if you have more than one device capable of running iBooks (e.g. you have an iPad and an iPhone) you can use Photographing Lanzarote on all of your devices provided you use the same Apple ID for purchases.

What About Data Roaming? Do I Need an Internet Connection?

No! We’ve designed Photographing Lanzarote to work without an internet connection – the video, image and text content is all embedded inside the book itself, meaning once you’ve downloaded it from the iBooks Store you can use it overseas without worrying about data. When you do have an internet connection you can access the red hyperlinks in the book which access external resources such as Google Maps, YouTube, social networks and this website.

What is Photographing Lanzarote?

Photographing Lanzarote is an eBook (an electronic book) created for iBooks on your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. It’s a digital guide to the island of Lanzarote – one of the seven islands that make up the Spanish Canary Islands archipelago. The book focusses on guiding the reader to the most stunning and beautiful locations on the island that don’t necessarily feature in the usual tourist information. If you want to see the lesser known and off the beaten track beauty spots then this is the guide for you!

Can I Buy Prints of the Images in Photographing Lanzarote?

Yes! We love helping people create that perfect lasting memory of Lanzarote. We’re working on making prints available for online ordering and configuration, but we want to get this 100% right and user friendly. In the meantime please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can help create your perfect piece of art in whichever style and format you prefer. We’ve created bespoke prints for a number of customers, from postcard size glossy prints, to acrylic mounted metallic prints (these make colours look amazing) the size of a wall!

Can I Buy a Physical/Paper Edition of Photographing Lanzarote?

In short, no – the Photographing Lanzarote eBook is packed full of digital content such as video and audio that wouldn’t work as a physical book. We chose the iBooks format to allow us to include rich media content and have the ability to provide free updates to the book ‘over the air’ just like apps on your phone.

Can I Book a Photo Tour with the Photographing Lanzarote Team?

We don’t run scheduled photography tours, but you can of course use the Photographing Lanzarote ebook as your digital guide to the best photography locations on the island! We can arrange bespoke guided tours for your party subject to availability and timing – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What Platforms / Devices Can I use Photographing Lanzarote on?

Photographing Lanzarote is an e-book, available exclusively on the Apple iBooks Store.  This means it will work on your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer.  We chose to publish on iBooks because the iBooks format allows for rich content like video, multi-touch image galleries, popover images and maps and more to make the experience of using Photographing Lanzarote as immersive as possible.  The older formats used by Kindle readers do not support the same rich content.

We are working on ways to make Photographing Lanzarote available on other platforms – please register interest for your favourite platform below:

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